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March 20,2015
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NACHC Statement on House Proposed SGR Package

Community Health Centers are fully supportive of bipartisan efforts by House leadership to continue investment in Health Centers as part of legislation summarized this afternoon.

Failure to continue this funding endangers care for millions of low-income underserved patients. Without action to address it, the looming funding cliff facing Health Centers would mean the loss of healthcare for 7.4 million patients next year. It would cost nearly 57,000 jobs at Health Centers, and would mean closure of an estimated 2,000 Health Center sites.

Community Health Centers have been subject to the Hyde amendment since it was introduced in 1979. Since the creation of the mandatory health centers fund in 2010, the Hyde restrictions have applied to both discretionary and mandatory funds. The proposal described by Leader Pelosi in a letter to the House Democratic Caucus this afternoon represents no change in current policy for Health Centers, and would not change anything about how Health Centers operate today.

If Congress does not act now, access to healthcare for millions of people – including 4.3 million women and 2.5 million children – will be lost in a few short months. Now is the time to act. We strongly support this proposal and every Health Center advocate in the country will fight to see it enacted into law.

In more than 9,200 communities in every state and territory, Health Centers provide primary medical, dental, and behavioral health services to more than 23 million patients.  Virtually all are low-income.  Bipartisan majorities in both House and Senate have long recognized the critical role Health Centers play within the healthcare system, delivering access to care, cost-savings and economic impact, and have called for the looming funding shortfall to be addressed.


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